Writing Tips: Rodney Lockett

By Rodney Lockett

Meet Rodney Lockett, the creative force behind Iron Gate Comics, where superhero tales like All-Winners Society and Guardians of Creation come to life. As the owner, publisher, and writer, Rodney has navigated the intricate world of comic creation, offering a unique perspective on the craft. In this article, we delve into Rodney’s invaluable tips for aspiring comic writers.

1. Follow Your Passion

Rodney’s journey began with a childhood love for comics. Despite lacking artistic skills, he discovered his true calling was in writing. His advice: “Don’t let anyone dictate what you should create. Make what you love, because the comic-making journey is both a mental and financial grind.”

2. Craft a Thoughtful Outline

When starting a new story, Rodney emphasizes the importance of outlining. Whether planning for a single issue or a multi-part series, a well-structured outline prevents rushed endings and ensures a satisfying experience for readers.

3. Engage Readers Early

Drawing inspiration from Jim Shooter, Rodney stresses the significance of captivating readers from the beginning. “Show off your hero’s powers in the first few pages. Avoid starting with just dialogue, as it might bore or lose your reader’s interest.”

4. Collaborate Effectively with Artists

Clear communication is key when working with artists. Rodney advises writers to be precise in scripts but also grant artists the freedom to contribute creatively. Matching the artist’s style with the genre is crucial for a cohesive visual experience.

5. The Editor’s Touch

Rodney’s best advice? Get an editor. “A fresh set of eyes on a project will help you immensely in the long run. They catch mistakes and offer suggestions that can significantly improve your book.”


Rodney Lockett’s journey from comic enthusiast to successful creator is an inspiring testament to the power of following your passion. His tips provide valuable insights for writers venturing into the world of comics. So, aspiring creators, take note and embark on your own creative journey with confidence.

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