Featured Publisher: Astral Ticket Comics

Astral Ticket Comics is a publishing studio specializing in anime- and manga-inspired works with the hottest waifu content outside of Japan. The studio has consistently taken the #1 spot in popularity in Kickstarter’s comic section, delivering a diverse range of comics, from hard-hitting space westerns to pinup books, waifu-filled comedies, and even adult education. With new titles on the horizon, it’s time to grab your ticket and blast off into their many exciting universes. When you fly Astral Ticket, you fly first class.

Check out their full catalog of comics, including a free preview, at www.foxxycomics.com.


  • Cremisi: A space-western story following the misadventures of starship captain Shay and his virtual sidekick, Alice. Shay’s carefree days of hunting for easy pay and drink come to a nightmarish halt when he happens upon a derelict freighter adrift in space.
  • Pure Intent: Young Koru is enslaved by a brutal pirate clan and forced to kill for entertainment. Clinging to hopes of a better universe free of suffering, Koru seeks to be the universe’s salvation. However, he will soon learn that the path to hell is paved with pure intentions.
  • SuccuBUSTED!: Agent Liam J. White of the Demonic Criminals Investigation Agency has the tough task of policing demons who break the law. When he’s assigned Rita the succubus as a partner, all hell breaks loose! America’s #1 ecchi comedy.
  • Foxxy Vacations: A naughty pinup book featuring characters from across Isaac Fox’s universes relaxing in a Japanese hot spring. It showcases full-page pinups from up-and-coming artists across the globe.
  • Mistress Izumi’s ADULT Lessons: An 18+ “lewducational” series where a lascivious fox girl and her lusty friends teach you more about being an adult.
  • The Manti-Corps: An upcoming high-fantasy ecchi, World War I-esque tale following the highly classified missions of the newly formed Manti-Corps. These elite troops are underqualified and severely underpaid, but that doesn’t stop them from tackling dangerous missions.


  • Isaac Fox: Lead writer, creator, and president of Astral Ticket Comics.
  • Izumi Fox: Community manager, cover girl, and co-writer of Mistress Izumi’s ADULT Lessons.
  • Brooke Astral: Company mascot, social media manager, cover girl, and handler.
  • Mitsu-Blinger: Lead artist for SuccuBUSTED!, Foxxy Vacations, The Manti-Corps, Cremisi #4, and cover artist.
  • Krius: Chief colorist, lead artist for Mistress Izumi’s ADULT Lessons, upcoming SuccuBUSTED! one-shot, and The Manti-Corps. Also a colorist for SuccuBUSTED!, Cremisi #5, Mistress Izumi’s ADULT Lessons, The Manti-Corps, and cover artist.
  • Nila Fox: Lead artist for Pure Intent, Mistress Izumi’s Adult Lessons #3, Cremisi #5 and #6, and cover artist.
  • SrxNico97: Cover artist and colorist.
  • GentleNelly: Character designer and colorist for Pure Intent.
  • Eric “Weijic” Chen: Lead artist for The Manti-Corps and cover artist.
  • J. Quick: Editor, font designer, and technical designer.
  • Benedita Blinger: Shipping and supply manager, cover girl.
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