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Kenny Calderon

Kenny Calderon (born December 4, 1979) is an American comic book artist, designer, and illustrator. He is the owner and founder of Wild Inx Studioz.

A native New Yorker born to Puerto Rican parents, Kenny is a self-taught artist with influences rooted in street art, manga, and American comics. He grew up in the Far Rockaway section of Queens, NY, and his biggest influences are the works of Scott Williams, Marc Silvestri, Frank Miller, George Perez, Kentaro Miura, Akira Toriyama, and Tetsuo Hara. Kenny developed a love for the comic medium as a pre-teen.

After moving to South Florida, Kenny began working with several indie creators, clothing designers, and musicians.

Among them is writer Phillip McCall, aka Cathalson, in “Grace Flynn: The Crimson Scarver.” series and publisher Creature Entertainment, with whom he worked on several variant covers for their “TOMMY” series. Most recently, he worked on “AWP: Chronicles of Shara Milase,” with cover and interior credits, as well as variant cover credits on “Tragedy,” “The Dynamics,” and “Poppa” by Phillip Russertt. Kenny has also illustrated two children’s books, “Rainbows of the Heart” by Barbra Bibas-Montero and “Ockee” by Ezra Pigatt. His art has also been featured in several original sketch card sets distributed by Upper Deck Trading Cards under the Marvel Comics imprint, and the upcoming 35th anniversary of “Puppet Master,” as well as the 40th anniversary “Transformers” sketch card sets from Dynamite Entertainment.

His most recent publications are “The Art of Kenny Calderon: Volume 1,” a collection of some of his favorite works in recent years, featuring both published works and private commissions, and “The Office Unicorn,” a bi-monthly comic strip written by cartoonist Juan Navarro, featured in the “A Kid & A Comic” newspaper. Recently, he also worked on “Tragedy: The Manga,” written and created by Phillip Russertt for Philbo Publications, where Kenny is credited as the full interior artist of the comic, illustrating the entire book from right to left, as in traditional manga.

Kenny has done album art for musicians, painted murals for the city of Hialeah, and works closely with local clothing brands “+++” and “Foolie Parkway.” He is also a dedicated art instructor of more than six years at The Art Shack in Doral, Florida, and hosts workshops focused on comic and cartoon art for varying skill levels and ages all over South Florida.

Kenny remains very active in the convention circuit, having showcased at many cons across the East Coast and Puerto Rico. He can be seen weekly painting and drawing on his YouTube and Twitch channel live streams.

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