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In July 2024, Another Comic Shop celebrates its sixth anniversary. The store’s name might be a little misleading; the quality of customer service, the ever-growing catalog of back-issue comic book titles, trade paperbacks, and pop culture curiosities are proof that it is anything but just another fanboy retail outlet.

Another Comic Shop is family-owned and operated by Jeff and Rhonda Evans and their team. They wanted to create a contact zone between fans of all ages and local creators. They occasionally hold STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) activities for younger fans, consult with cosplayers to make their cosplay visions a reality, and have curated showings of local artists’ work. While the store will make any fan of any fandom happy, Another Comic Shop’s focus is on the costumed heroes of comic books.

If you are reading this and want to see how Another Comic Shop can serve you with the same efficiency that has earned them a growing legion of regular customers, you can check out their not-at-all-tawdry wares at www.AnotherComicShop.com or on eBay at Another-Comic-Shop. Another Comic Shop also maintains a presence at comic book and role-playing gaming conventions throughout Missouri. You can meet them in person at Tremendicon III from May 31st to June 2nd, also in Springfield, MO.

While it might be easy for Another Comic Shop to slip under the radar, with its advertising generally limited to social media posts and word-of-mouth from very satisfied customers, once you’ve given Jeff and Rhonda the opportunity to help you find your holy grail comics, they’ll stay on your radar. You’ll have to agree that they are not just… Another Comic Shop.

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