Rey Fenix Before The Lucha Brothers And Why They Turned Down The WWE

If you are a fan of All Elite Wrestling then chances are you have heard of the Lucha Brothers. But what you may not know, is that before coming to AEW they both Rey Fenix and Pentagon Jr. had rather interesting runs as singles wrestlers. 

Fenix started wrestling independently as Máscara Oriental in 2005 and was renamed Fenix upon signing with AAA in 2011.

Here Fenix would end up wrestling with Pentagon Jr. quite a bit, but not as a tag team. Instead, as a rival. Before Pentagon Jr. took up that cursed persona, he was known as Dark Dragon. They would wrestle in these six-man tag matches on opposite teams. One of Fenix’s first partnerships in the ring was actually with Jack Evans. 

Jack Evans and Fenix would even would eventually even end up together in Lucha Underground along with his brother Pentagon and Prince Puma, now better known as Ricochet. 

There are often rumors of the Lucha Brothers signing with the WWE. But, Fenix has gone on record in interviews and he has said that they have turned down a WWE contract before. The reason being that they don’t want to be held down, they like the freedom of being able to wrestle in other promotions and you can tell. These guys seem to pop up everywhere and that is just what happened in 2019 in Las Vegas during a AEW promotional event before the first Double Or Nothing Pay Per View. 

The brothers showed up un-announced and jumped the Young Bucks on stage, it was wild and signaled the start of a run of epic matches between the two teams.

One of the best of these matches has got to be the ladder match they did for the AAA World Tag Belts at All Out 2019.

Recently Rey Fenix attempted to beat Will Ospreay to recapture the International Championship. But this was not the first time the two have had a match, the first happened in 2016 and the last one back in 2019.

Fenix would ultimately not be able to reclaim the International Championship but the Lucha Brothers along with Mistico went on to prevail in a trios match against the team of Yota Tsuji, Titan, and Hiromu Takahashi at Forbidden Door 2024 and seem poised for big things in 2024.

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