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Lone Star Heroes: Comics & Toys has the largest selection of pop culture merchandise in the greater Houston area. With over a million comic books, toys, games, horror and science fiction memorabilia, and pop culture collectibles, they have something for everyone. They have three convenient locations in Harris, Galveston, and Brazoria counties, with over 8,000 square feet of merchandise. They are always buying comic and toy collections and offer some of the best prices in the business.

Lone Star Heroes is a family-owned and operated retail chain, and it’s the only store of its kind run by three generations of women. Sarah Wood, Jody Wood, and Lois King are the daughter-mother-grandmother team that operates Lone Star Heroes in an overwhelmingly male-dominated industry. Sarah and Jody are Registered Nurses, and Lois is a retired public school secretary. Lois’ husband, Jim, a retired electrical engineer, and Jody’s husband, Paul, a retired electrical lineman, help manage the business. Sarah’s brother, Tad, is the buyer and general manager of Lone Star Heroes, responsible for purchases, processing of products, social media, shows and celebrity guests, and public relations.


Galveston Store
The first location is at 8910 Seawall Blvd on Galveston Island, offering a beautiful view of the Gulf of Mexico. This store has a unique atmosphere with a carnival sideshow aesthetic, complete with coffin-shaped shelves adorned with skulls and cobwebs. It’s across the street from Jimmy’s on the Pier, next door to Magic Carpet Mini Golf, and directly in front of a movie theater. It has become a tourist hotspot, with a Mardi Gras entry featuring pop culture cosplay.

El Lago Store
The second location, at 4106 E NASA Pkwy in El Lago, is just minutes from NASA’s Johnson Space Center and the Kemah Boardwalk. This store has a charming and unique aesthetic, with a strong connection to the surrounding area. The store is located on the waterfront, adjacent to Boondoggles Pub and across from a marina.

Lake Jackson Super Store
The latest and largest location is at 120 Tx-Hwy 332 in Lake Jackson, offering 4,000 square feet of space for various events, gaming tournaments, and celebrity meet-and-greets. This store serves as the hub for the surrounding rural areas, and it’s known for its Sci-Fi and horror celebrity events. The Lake Jackson store is where Lone Star Heroes hosts major events due to its size and layout.

Inventory and Events

Lone Star Heroes offers a massive inventory of both new and vintage pop culture memorabilia across all three locations. They have a wide selection of science fiction, fantasy, horror, superheroes, and more, along with millions of comic books, trade paperbacks, statues, manga, games, movies, action figures, toys, cards, and much more. They buy, sell, and trade items, making them a go-to spot for collectors.

Upcoming Events

On Saturday, March 2nd, Lone Star Heroes will be hosting their Local Artist Showcase at the Lake Jackson Super Store, featuring local artists and legendary comic book illustrator Tim Vigil as the headlining guest. The store will also host gaming events like Pokémon, Dungeons & Dragons, and Magic: The Gathering.

Visit Lone Star Heroes and discover why they’re known as the vintage comic and toy kings of Houston, Texas!

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