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Mike Wheeler

ByMike Wheeler

May 4, 2024

By Andrew Davis

Zenescope Catch’Em Cosplayer Covers

  • Creator: Sun Khamunaki
  • Description: In 2022, Zenescope introduced the Catch ‘Em Cosplay Collectible covers by Sun Khamunaki, limited to 375 copies. These covers portray a character from the world of Zenescope cosplaying as a Pokémon or a character from Pokémon. Additionally, Zenescope introduced a nude version and a metal version, limited to 100 and 15 copies, respectively. With an increase in Zenescope’s audience, the popularity of Pokémon, and the limited number of these comics produced (especially the early ones), these books are highly desirable and expensive to buy.

Do You Pooh, Poohsoka Variant

  • Creator: Marat Mychaels
  • Description: Marat Mychaels is known as the king of the parody book with the Do You Pooh series. In 2023 for Star Wars Day, he released the Ahsoka Tano Do You Pooh Variant, which quickly sold out. With the success of the show on Disney, an extremely limited print run, and Star Wars Day 2024 coming up, this book is expected to experience a natural spike in demand and sales in the upcoming months.

The Flawless Universe Comic

  • Creator: Stupid Little Monkey
  • Description: Stupid Little Monkey is a new company that currently produces two titles: The Flawless Universe and Smoke. Their business model primarily focuses on having limited variant runs that range from 200 copies to about 13 copies, on average. Just recently on WhatNot, they hosted a show offering 21 different variants that were all 1 of 1’s, meaning that these comics are unique and will not be reproduced on another comic. This creates a unique opportunity—Stupid Little Monkey is a new company that still has to prove itself, yet they are offering extremely rare comics at reasonable prices. If they prove themselves, these books could be worth a lot of money.

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