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Mike Wheeler

ByMike Wheeler

May 3, 2024

By Andrew Davis

The Feeding

  • Creators: David Booher & Drew Zucker
  • Description: The Feeding is a psychological one-shot horror comic from the creative team behind Canto (Booher, Zucker, Astone, and AndWorld Design), who have reunited for the first time since 2019. This book was funded successfully on Zoop, with each comic having a set number of books under limited print runs. The Main Cover is limited to 500 copies, the Signed edition is limited to 500 copies, the Foil Variant is limited to 150 copies, and the Black & White variant is limited to 100 copies. While the series has not been picked up by a publisher or has any known plans for the story to continue, there is a strong possibility it might. If that occurs, this book would be a true first edition.

Gun Honey #1: Blood for Blood

  • Creator: Warren Louw
  • Description: Gun Honey is a perfect series capturing all elements in writing, art, covers, collectability, and length. Warren Louw lends his art to two covers, which continue the perfection of this series. His covers for Gun Honey #1: Blood for Blood were limited to 600 copies, costing $50 when first released. Within an hour and a half, all 600 copies were sold out. Currently, these covers fetch $60 to $100, on average. Furthermore, a foil version of the cover was released, and it ranges from $100 to $150 on average. Given Gun Honey’s popularity and Warren Louw’s high demand, this book is set to increase in value over time.

Becca Boo

  • Publisher: Obscura Comics
  • Description: Becca Boo is brought to you by the team of Sun Khamunaki (DC Comics, Zenescope), Garth Matthams, Kenan Halilović, and Anna Jarmolowska. The story follows our heroine, Becca Boo, who is attempting to sleep her way into Heaven and along the way meets various characters from the underworld and afterlife. There are two issues funded on Kickstarter that feature several artists, including John Royale, Drax Gal, Layne Pereira, and Sun Khamunaki herself. Currently, these comics are trading below their original costs, making it a potentially good buying opportunity to get several comics from this series below fair value.

Teen Titans #12

  • Publisher: DC Comics
  • Description: Teen Titans #12 holds its value due to it being the first appearance of the Batman Who Laughs. In recent years, comics, especially those featuring first appearances, have driven value from movies and TV. This book is no different, as its next value increase will be due to either a TV show or movie featuring the character. However, this book is a highly speculative play, as Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD) has recently stopped and canceled many DC comic shows and movies, with an unclear plan for that universe. This leaves the Batman Who Laughs in limbo, making it uncertain when or if a spike or increase in the book’s value will occur.

Andrew Davis is a traditional and alternative investor with a specialty focusing on comic books, sports & non-sports trading cards, and autograph memorabilia. He also hosts a live interview show several times a week, which can be found on YouTube and Facebook, called Conversations in Pop Culture. Check it out here.

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