Featured LCS: Rabbit Hole Comics

Rabbit Hole Comics

  • Location: 441 East Main Street, Hartford, MI, 49057, United States
  • Phone: 269-621-5274
  • Hours:
  • Mon: By Appointment
  • Tue-Fri: 12:00 pm – 08:00 pm
  • Sat: 11:00 am – 08:00 pm
  • Sun: By Appointment

Rabbit Hole Comics has been in business since March 2020. The shop moved to its new location at 441 East Main Street, Hartford, MI, in December 2022. Rabbit Hole Comics is owned by Nancy and John Spoula.

Nancy is a retired school teacher with 35 years of experience. As a teacher, she encouraged children to read—no matter the material, just the process of reading anything and everything. John is a retired heating and air conditioning technician. He grew up on comics, particularly Marvel comics, with his mother teaching him to read using them and doing the sound effects along the way.

After they both retired, Nancy and John decided to combine their love of reading and comics and open a store in their community. At the time they opened, there were no other comic book shops within at least 50 miles.

Rabbit Hole Comics has a unique twist—they deal with a lot of back issues to help collectors fill in the gaps in their collections. It wasn’t until recently that they started selling new comic books, offering subscriptions, and providing pull lists for customers. They also try to help customers by doing consignment sales of books they no longer want.

The shop also has an eBay presence, and they aim to get purchased items out within 24 hours, depending on the post office. In the past, they held auctions on some Facebook sites, but as of late, time constraints have made this difficult.

Rabbit Hole Comics employs students from the local school, providing them with their first job experience. They work with parents and schools to ensure that students can still participate in extracurricular activities, family events, and maintain a focus on academics.

Being in a small town, Rabbit Hole Comics sponsors and encourages various school and recreational activities, along with many festivals. If you’re in the area, come browse their shop!

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