Featured Artist: Keith Garvey

At a young age, Keith Garvey developed a real love for drawing. At the age of 10, he was inspired by the works of comic book artist Jack Kirby. By his teenage years, Keith was studying the exceptional art of the world-famous pin-up artist Alberto Vargas, whose “Varga Girls” were featured in Playboy magazine.

Admiring the beauties painted by Vargas set Keith’s artistic direction. From then on, his focus was creating and perfecting his interpretation of the female form onto paper and canvas. He was also influenced by other famous pin-up artists, whose art fits well into the category of “Glamerotica.” This style is exemplified by the works of Japanese artist Hajime Sorayama and Italian Milo Manara, offering a mixture of vintage and modern-day glamour art.

Keith works in both traditional and digital styles, with digital being his preferred media. He has released four pin-up art books of his favorite pieces. Keith has now returned to comic art, creating covers for Zenescope, Coffin Comics, and many more. Many of today’s comic heroes are bold and sexy female characters, which align well with the pin-up style reflected in Keith’s art.

Keith Garvey is 60 years old, lives in western New York, and holds a degree in commercial art from the Institute of Pittsburgh and a business degree from Bryant and Stratton. He has been married for 40 years and has one daughter.

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