Featured Artist: Evan Quiring

From Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Evan Quiring (pronounced Kwy-Ring) is the creator, writer, and artist of the comic book titles Lucha Mystery and Murder City Devil, currently published through his own Psyclone Comics label.

Evan Quiring has done artwork for various publishers, including Heroic Publishing, Dynamite Entertainment, Alternative Comics, Scattered Comics, Red Eye Press, Ronin Studios, Markosia, Sugar Skull Media, Hyperverse Comics, Temporal Comics, Bear Manor Media, Antarctic Press, Big Bang Comics, and Cosmic Lion Productions.

He received some formal training, having enrolled in the Joe Kubert World of Cartooning correspondence course back in 1999. Evan’s first published indie comics work appeared in 911: Emergency Relief, published in 2002 by Alternative Comics. This was quickly followed by drawing stories for several issues of Mortal Coils, published by Red Eye Press and released in 2002/2003.

For the next six years, Evan perfected his craft and worked on his drawing skills while playing bass in the instrumental surf band, The Rockdoras. In 2010, he created the comic book Los Luchadores Mysteriosos for Ronin Studios, handling both the writing and drawing. He also contributed to other Ronin titles, including The Silver Bullet, Spacepig Hamadeus, and Adam Zero.

Around 2014, Evan began providing art for the Halloween Man comic book and drawing interiors and covers for the spin-off title Lucy Chaplin: Science Starlet. Having joined up with Sacramento-based indie publisher, Scattered Comics, he revamped and streamlined his Los Luchadores Mysteriosos comic into the Lucha Mystery series in 2017. Lucha Mystery follows the adventures of Rey Diablo and other atomic-powered luchadores as they fight crime, monsters, and space aliens in the early ’60s.

After producing two more issues of Lucha Mystery and artwork for various freelance projects, Evan shifted his focus to writing and drawing his horror/crime noir/modern-day pulp comic series, Murder City Devil. This book features the Legendary Boogeyman, Spring-Heeled Jack, returning in the 21st century to wreak havoc on Murder City’s criminal underworld. Murder City Devil #4 is currently in production, with a Kickstarter campaign expected to launch by the time this article is published.

Evan has also held two solo art shows at Winnipeg’s Cre8ery Gallery—one in 2019 and the other in 2023. Future comic book plans for Evan Quiring include completing the Murder City Devil series, returning to and completing the Lucha Mystery series, and releasing both titles as collected volumes in trade paperback format.

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