Upcoming INDIEGOGO’s Oct 2023

Artificial #1: Second Chance Campaign | Indiegogo

A 36 page sci-fi action-comedy that sets the stage for the Artificial series.

Human Shield: From the Ashes | Indiegogo

No rest for the righteous! Two weeks after the events of Peregrine: Wings of the Falcon, Mateo Alvarez a.k.a. Human Shield receives word that terrorists have returned to finish what they started in his home town of Buenos Aires!

Follow along as he stands against the new face of an old foe!

KILL THEM DEAD | Indiegogo

The Husk is a lost soul trapped in a cycle of chaos with no reprieve. She lives in the eternal horror of an afterlife consumed with never-ending war. After escaping her hellish captors, aboard one of Hades’ warships, the Husk sets upon her quest to kill the Lords of the Underworld.

ANCIENT BEASTS Graphic Novel | Indiegogo

ANCIENT BEASTS is an educational and action graphic novel for dinosaur fans! Readers will learn how fossil discoveries reveal thrilling stories about earth’s past.

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