Upcoming Kickstarters Oct 2023

TOXX – Volume 1 by Evan Carothers — Kickstarter

In a wasteland where humanity has been sterile for 30 years, a woman becomes pregnant and must fight to keep hope alive.

DEUCE’S R WILD by Reece Jenkins — Kickstarter

What do you get when you cross John Woo filming with 90’s Saturday morning cartoons? One adrenaline pumping action packed issue!

Autolyse by Brandon De Pillis — Kickstarter

A covert military squad must infiltrate a small home to nullify an abiogenesis event.

DJINNTARA: Rise of the Djinn by Kevin Grevioux — Kickstarter

A thrilling tale about a terminally ill police detective who discovers that she is the prophesied member of an ancient race of DJINN.

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