Speculator’s Watchlist Oct 2023

Mike Wheeler

ByMike Wheeler

May 2, 2024

Well, hello, fellow comic book enthusiasts and fans. We all collect for our reasons: some for fun, some for nostalgia, and some for profit. If you are in the last category, this section is for you. We will cover a few monthly books based on sales data and market trends. Watch for these key issues while flipping through the back issues at your favourite local comic book shop! Speculator’s Corner

Predator vs Wolverine

This comic features a massive clash of titans, both of whom have a beloved and loyal fanbase! This comic has the potential to be an epic story, draw in huge audiences, and have lasting relevance. Keep in mind that Disney is casting for a Wolverine in the MCU. Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine will be in Deadpool 3, which will have a massive audience later in Avengers: Secret Wars. Not to mention, the X-Men 97 animated series is coming back. So it’s fair to say Wolverine will be in the news, on the screen, and in the minds of consumers for the next several years. And who doesn’t love The Predator? This book is a solid buy!

Nothing sells like nostalgia today, as trying times and economic hardship make people reminisce about simpler times. Out of that collective memory from the magical year we call 1984 comes the tale of a toxic hero who could have only come out of 80’s subculture. Of course, I am talking about Toxie, The Toxic Avenger from Troma Entertainment’s cult classic The Toxic Avenger, directed by Michael Herz and Lloyd Kaufman! Pulled from obscurity in 2021 by the announcement of a reboot, fans of Troma and The Toxic Avenger have been abuzz with anticipation. Recent trends show an uptick in the sales of back issues and a steady rise in the prices paid for those back issues. While the entire 1991 comic book series is a solid investment, two key Toxic Avenger-related issues are selling rapidly.

Marvel Age #89

This comic marked the first appearance of Toxie in Marvel Comics and brought him into the fold of the Marvel Universe. You can find raw issues as low as $20, though most are now going for $30-$35. Graded issues cost $100-$400, and many speculators expect the value to increase. If you find this one in a dollar bin, snatch it up! He may be Toxic, but this Avenger has a heart of gold, as well as back issues worth gold!

Toxic Avenger #1

This issue is more well-known, so it has had way more economic activity in the past month, and the price is rising faster. Also published in 1991, this was the first issue of the Toxic Avenger series, which captured the imagination of the environmentally conscious Earth Day generation. The Captain Planet to the Toxic Avenger pipeline was hot back then.

Raw issues sell anywhere from $30-$50, while graded issues range from $150-$500 or more. This book is an excellent investment, as the price will likely rise until the release of the new movie. If the film is a hit, then the sky’s the limit! So, keep your eyes peeled, scouts! Missing these issues could easily be an environmental disaster of toxic proportions!

James O’Barr’s The Crow

Deep from the recesses of our primordial Goth/punk-laden nightmares comes a tale of primal vengeance that captures the human imagination. It resonates in the soul of anyone who has ever fallen victim to a bully. That tale, of course, is The Crow. Because of its prominence and relevance to pop culture, the original comics have been printing gold for years, with the original #1 issue selling for 35k.

Most The Crow back issues are already valuable, but if you want to invest in this series before the new movie comes out, there is an affordable option: The Crow: Flesh and Blood.

The Crow: Flesh and Blood #1

You can still find affordable raw issues of this book for $10 to $30, with plenty of $10 options available. A graded 9.8 is selling for $250 and rising. As The Crow becomes more culturally relevant and as the ad campaigns for the new movie drop, the hype will ramp up, and you can expect this price to increase dramatically. Don’t feel emo because you failed to snatch up this issue. Get vengeance on your economic problems by finding these haunting back issues.

In Closing

Stay sharp, fellow speculators, as great deals lurk in dark places! Be fearless in your conquest for great books and great prices. Never give up the search for those key issues. You will collect them all!

Stay current on market trends and comic book economy news with each issue of Comics Illustrated.

Happy hunting!

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