Pick Your Brain: Frank Cho

Featuring Frank Cho

(Mike) I’m here with Frank Cho (at Fan Expo Cleveland), and we had a few questions for Mr. Cho.

Q: First off, what do you got going on, what’s in the pipeline?

A: The usual heroin run, cocaine, drug, you know, the drug, a lot of drug runs.

Q: A lot of drug runs? (Laughter)

A: (Laughter) No, I have, I just agreed to do a bunch of covers for DC Comics. And I’m doing some variant covers for comic sketch art here, and I’m redoing, I’m revising the Ballpoint Beauty art book, that’s going to come out at the end of the year, and I’m doing another art book, so yeah, I got too much stuff.

Q: Cool, a lot of guys in the indie comics community, we kind of do a lot of cheesecake books and stuff like that. I know some of your sketches have been kind of, you know, risque or filled with innuendo and stuff like that. Do you feel that it’s very hard to transition from doing stuff on that line, going into the mainstream, do you have any like push-back from that? Have you ever encountered any of that?

A: Oh yeah, I mean, it’s actually kind of interesting. I’ve been attacked by both sides, so when I first started out back in 1997, I had a big pushback from the conservatives, the ultra-conservatives, basically saying that I’m objectifying women in the whole nine yards. I actually got a hate letter from a priest, and some moral majority, you know. And then like 16 years later or so, suddenly I’m being attacked by the ultra-left for the exact same reason!

Q: For the exact same thing, huh?

A: Yeah, and so, I mean, yeah, in 2016, they tried to cancel me for the whole, you know. So it’s kind of funny because I’m thinking if I stay long enough, I’m going to be, the pendulum’s going to swing back and I’m going to get attacked by the ultra-right again, so it seems to, so I just ignore it.

Q: What about creator-owned stuff? Do you have a lot of that stuff coming out or do you have anything that you really want to do or see done that you’ve got just, like, on the back burner that you haven’t really told anybody about?

A: Yes, I do! I have a couple of big secret projects that I’ve been working on. I guess it’s not a secret anymore, so I should cut that, edit that out.

Q: Probably something we can look forward to on Kickstarter or something, right?

A: We haven’t decided yet. At this point, I decide to finish it and see what I feel like doing today.

Q: Cool, well thank you for your time Mr. Cho, I really appreciate it.

A: No, thank you!

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