Pick Your Brain: Ron Frenz

Feat. Ron Frenz

Q: Mike – “How different is the industry when it comes to creating comic books now from back in the ’80s? Would you say?”

A: Ron – “Very different. New technologies make collaboration faster and easier. None of which speaks to the quality of what is produced.”

Q: Mike – “One of the biggest claims to fame for you was introducing everyone to the Black Suit Spidey. Did you receive any blowback from hardcore fans, or are there any stories you would like to tell from that?”

A: Ron – “The initial snail mail response to the costume change was incredibly negative until the readers actually saw the suit, and public opinion shifted completely. There was concern to keep the new suit period short and get rid of it as soon as the Secret Wars debut was out. By that time, everybody loved the outfit.”

Q: Mike – “You’re also one of the creators of Spider-Girl. What was it like creating a female character with similar abilities to a male counterpart? What difficulties did you have in distinguishing and making the character unique in its own right?”

A: Ron – “Spider-Girl, or rather May, being a “joint project” of Pete and Mary Jane, two characters that Tom DeFalco and I knew very well, was an easy combination of those two individuals. Add to that the usual creative insertion of both of our experiences, Mayday could not help but be unique. The continued support of Spider-Girl’s sincere fanbase is the greatest compliment any creative could experience.”

Q: Mike – “You also did some work for DC Comics – what was it like transitioning from Marvel to DC? Did you have to make any adjustments to your style or process?”

A: Ron – “There were no adjustments to my process needed in working for multiple companies, and there was never a discussion about “style” from any editor or publisher.”

Q: Mike – “Is there anyone that you really wanted to work with but didn’t get a chance to?”

A: Ron – “I would have enjoyed working with Mr. Roger Stern more than I did, and I’ve always regretted never having been inked by Mr. Frank Giacoia and Mr. Vince Colletta.”

Q: Mike – “Do you have anything new in the pipeline? Something you’ve held back but are dying to get out?”

A: Ron – “No dying here, no. I continue to work for Sitcomics Binge Books and enjoy working for independent publishers when the opportunity arises. Otherwise, it’s trying to catch up on private commissions through Catskillcomics.com.”

Ron Frenz (born February 1, 1960) is an American comics artist known for his work for Marvel Comics. He is well known for his 1980s work on The Amazing Spider-Man, particularly introducing the hero’s black costume, and later for his work on Spider-Girl, whom he co-created with writer Tom DeFalco. Frenz and DeFalco had earlier co-created the New Warriors in the pages of Thor. Source: Wikipedia

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