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Exodus Z Issue 1: What On Earth! Indiegogo Variant | Indiegogo

Welcome to the world of Exodus Z. The first issue follows Tomas and Angela as they attempt to find a way to escape the zombie apocalypse. They find their way to the Church O’ Grace as the Preacher attempts to guide his parishioners to Heaven as the final escape from this living nightmare. Unfortunately, this zombie apocalypse is like no other and not even the gates of Heaven are safe.

Star Noir: Book One | Indiegogo

Star Noir: Book OneL.A. Noire meets X-Files. Star Noiris a 6-Part detective story following HomicideDetective Alan Miller and his grey alien partner,Ellis Tate, as they travel across 1940’s Los Angelesto find an elusive shapeshifter killing officers inCentral Station.It’s inspired by the grit and tone of noir books like James Ellroy’s The Big Nowhere, has the snappy dialogue of Humphrey Bogart’s The Big Sleep, and depicts a stylized 1940’s Los Angeles as seen in movies like Chinatown and L.A. Confidential.


The people of Vangloria tell themselves the world is known. Charted. Catalogued. Comfortable. But the hidden valleys and rural alpines that skirt the edges of civilization still hold many secrets. Some unseen, some the locals pretend not to see; blinding themselves to their fears and choosing to live within a carefully constructed lie. They call this lie civilization… but the truth is the world is just as it was a million years ago. It is only for fear of losing their sanity or the last lingering shreds of security that anyone pretends otherwise…Men…Monsters…When all is said and done, is there really any difference?

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