Hot Crowdfunding Picks Nov 2023

It seems to be a slow month for crowdfunding as we near the holiday season. It makes sense, as people will be busy traveling and buying gifts for their loved ones over the next two months. Here are some campaigns live during the month of November, followed by some upcoming campaigns.

Enhanced: A Cyberpunk Graphic Novel Vol. 2

Are you an Edgerunners & Ghost in the Shell fan? This 80+ full-color book features exciting action scenes, epic storylines, and stunning artwork.
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Ruxy Vampire #1: Action-Packed & Sexy Supernatural Fantasy

A gorgeous vampiress awakes in 1920s Chicago and gets swept up in the mayhem of the Prohibition Era.
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Intrusive Thoughts #2: A 32-Page Horror Mystery

An orphan’s mental health deteriorates once his sleep paralysis demon breaks out of his head and bites his classmate.
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