Eisners Drops “Comic Journalism” Category

In more award news, the 2024 Eisners are dropping the “Comics-Related Periodical/Journalism” category. The Eisner Awards, overseen by Comic-Con International: San Diego, have previously eliminated the category in 2003, only to reinstate it in 2004. Web journalists seem to be taking the news the hardest, but the Eisners have dropped and brought back many categories throughout its history.

Despite the change, some people have pointed out that music and film awards have never included a journalism category, suggesting that it may not be entirely out of the ordinary. Whether it’s a permanent change or a temporary one remains to be seen. Either way, the news has sparked a range of reactions from the comic community.

In response to the uncertainty, one thing is for sure: I know I’ll never need to buy an Eisner Award dress.

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