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Drawing Hands

Hands! I would say that the most frustrating and difficult thing to draw is hands, am I right?! In this short tutorial, I will teach you the fundamentals of drawing hands by breaking it down to its simple geometrical shapes.

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1

First, I start off by making a modified polygon shape. This will be the base of the hand and form the palm.

Step 2

Next, I place circles as the base for the fingers and thumb. You can see that it’s starting to take the shape of a hand. From there, we start constructing the fingers.

Step 3

Now, we build the frame of the fingers using lines and small circles. The circles are where the knuckles would be. Laying out the skeleton fingers will make it easier to flesh out the fingers and the hand (pun intended).

Step 4

Finally, we are going to detail the fingers based on our skeleton. Using the “Peanut method,” draw small “peanuts” from the bottom of the fingers to each joint. Do this for each finger and the thumb.

Final Result

Here we have it! An illustrated hand. Now, not every drawing is going to be perfect (this one has some flaws, for sure), but with repetition and practice, you’ll have a believable hand attached to your character. Hope that helps, and remember to keep those pencils moving!

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