AI Wins Spawnuary Art Contest

Todd McFarlane’s Spawnuary ’24 art contest is embroiled in a massive controversy after declaring a submission made with AI as one of the winners. Winners were announced on March 12th, and as of this writing, McFarlane has yet to acknowledge the issue. According to the contest submission rules, AI use is not allowed, and the piece should have been disqualified. Instead, @robot9000 took to his Instagram to boast about making it to the winner’s circle despite his work being made with AI, a point he stressed repeatedly in his post.

“Dedicated to all your stupid fucks who cannot cope with loss!!! I’m an artist. Period! At 55 years of age, I waxed the lot of you (1000’s) in a contest! Nuff said! Catch up Bitches!!!”

Editor’s Note: Meanwhile, the team at Comics Illustrated created these two AI-generated Spawn images (left) in about 30 seconds on Buy our fridge magnet bottle opener, artwork by Matthew Warlick here:

Marvel editor Tom Brevoort, mostly known for calling Marvel fans everything from crybabies to cretins these days, recently took to X to express his surprise at the lack of enthusiasm for his latest endeavor, an X-Men reboot labeled “From The Ashes.” The post did garner a reaction, albeit a negative one, as fans from all over the platform decided to remind him why they had no interest in anything he was involved in.

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