Upcoming: Spring Fling!

Hello, true believers! I hope you’re having a great winter. The next season is almost upon us! We will be running another Quarterly Special soon called “Spring Fling.” This will contain art pieces of two original characters in a romantic pose from many different Indie comic book publishers.

Publishers, feel free to submit at comicsillustratedeic@gmail.com, and readers, enjoy what is to come! Winter Special fulfillment is currently at 97% as we wait for our specialty covers to come in. Everyone else who did not purchase a specialty cover should have received their book by now or will be receiving them over the next few days.

I want to quickly address the joy this magazine has brought me and the networking potential I see growing from it. Mike and I are excited to take on the role of journalists, commenting, reporting, and critiquing what we see in the Indie Comic Book sphere. With the intent of improving the health of the industry, we enjoy adding to the overall discussion. I want to thank our staff writers, Rick Duree and Piper Steed, and every contributor who has participated. They have provided invaluable advice and insight, and I’m excited to see 2024 be a year of strong growth for Comics Illustrated.

Enjoy your February issue, and we’ll see you back in March!

All the best,
Mindy Wheeler
Art Director and Managing Editor

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