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Voodoo Nations Issues 1-4

  • Genre: Horror/Suspense
  • Creator: Travis Gibb
  • Description: Welcome back to VOODOO NATIONS, a dark and haunting portrayal of young missionaries entering the world of Voodoo and magic.

Annabelle: Traversing Deeper Part 3 of 4

  • Creator: Dark Space Studio
  • Description: Continuing the thrilling adventure with Annabelle, Adam, and Luke as Kur unleashes his rage on everyone!

Heirs of Isildur: The Perilous Prospects Books 1-3

  • Creator: Insymmetry Creations LLC
  • Description: Will Mykal Isildur’s return from his supernatural sabbatical be enough to turn the tide on the apocalyptic collapse of Shadow’s Haven?

Talos of Sparta 1 & 2

  • Creator: Shaun Paulet
  • Description: After the death of his father, a Spartan warrior is entrusted by a mythical priestess to battle the monstrous army rising in the east.
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