Comic Previews: “Kaijus & Cowboys #3”

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“KAIJUS & COWBOYS” is a 23-page, full-color, sci-fi Kaiju comic book co-created by Matthew Blair (Writer) & Frankie B Washington (Artist).

East meets West in a battle between massive kaiju monsters and the robot cowboy that hunts them. If you ever wondered what Samurai Jack, Clint Eastwood, or Spear from “Primal” would do if they were in a kaiju alien world inhabited by Kaiju, this comic explores those themes.

The story is set in a future where Earth was overrun by a strange colony of Kaiju monsters centuries ago. When humanity looks to the stars to find another planet to call home, the A.I. called FatherMind constructs robotic settlements and “HunterBots”—robots responsible for terraforming the planet and purging it of dangerous Kaiju—to make the planet safe for inhabiting once again.

Enter HunterBot B.W.N.N., also known as the “Bot With No Name.”

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