“Revival” Comic Series Set for TV Adaptation on SYFY

Excitement is brewing among fans of the supernatural genre as SYFY announces its plans to adapt the critically acclaimed comic series “Revival” into a television show. Produced by Blue Ice Pictures, this highly anticipated project is set to captivate audiences with its blend of mystery, drama, and supernatural intrigue.

Originally created by writer Tim Seeley and artist Mike Norton, “Revival” enjoyed a successful run spanning 47 issues from 2012 to 2017 under the Image Comics banner. Set in the heart of rural Wisconsin, the series introduced readers to the enigmatic town of Wausau, where the dead return to life with their memories and free will intact, setting the stage for a haunting exploration of life, death, and the human condition.

SYFY revealed that the television adaptation of “Revival” will be executive-produced by a stellar lineup of industry talents, including Lance Samuels, Daniel Iron, Samantha Levine, Daniel March, Luke Boyce, and Aaron Koontz.

Mike Norton, co-creator of “Revival,” reflected on the genesis of the series in a previous interview, stating, “”Revival” came about just because Tim and I work together. The idea came to fruition through many lunch breaks. We’d talk about the kind of book we wanted to do. He wanted to do a crime story, I wanted to do something weird and character-based like the TV show, Lost. The idea of a town where zombies live but don’t eat brains came out of that. The more we talked about it, the more we both thought this project could have steam.” src thecompmagazine

Tim Seeley, the series’ co-creator, echoed Norton’s sentiment, expressing his excitement about the adaptation in a previous interview, stating, “Bringing ‘Revival’ to television has been a dream of ours for quite some time. We’re thrilled to see our characters and storylines come to life in a new medium, and we can’t wait for fans to experience the world of Wausau in a whole new way.”

As production gears up for the “Revival” television series, details regarding casting, production timelines, and potential release dates are eagerly awaited by fans. With SYFY’s reputation for delivering innovative and immersive storytelling, anticipation is running high for what promises to be a captivating addition to the network’s lineup.

Stay tuned to SYFY and other entertainment news outlets for further updates on the development of the “Revival” television series as it progresses towards production and eventual premiere. In the meantime, fans can revisit the pages of the original comic series, immersing themselves once again in the haunting and unforgettable world of “Revival.”

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