Mainstream News Oct 2023

New publisher DSTLRY releases Gone #1, spinning out of their August one-shot,

The Devil’s Cut. Gone is written and drawn by Batman artist Jock.

The world of Kingdom Come returns in the pages of Mark Waid’s World’s Finest #20

The upcoming story arc in the popular Mark Waid and Dan Mora title, World’s Finest, takes place prior to the events of the 1996 Waid/Ross classic and marks the return of ‘Boy Thunder,’ Superman’s understudy, and the older Trinity featured in the original Kingdom Come.

“Rare Flavors” #1 Releases

On September 20th, the latest collaboration from Ram V and Andrade was released. This Boom Studios release reunites the creative team behind The Many Deaths of Laila Starr and promises to be a memorable experience for readers. Rare Flavors invokes exotic imagery and mythology to give readers a fever-dream-like experience.

Si Spurrior and Mike Deodato’s Flash #1 Released

Following Jeremy Adam’s sleeper hit “The Flash” run, Simon Spurrier intends to build on what came before while making the title darker and more horror-centric.

Tom King’s Wonder Woman #1

Human Target and Batman writer Tom King has taken over the reins of Wonder Woman. The first issue has reportedly sold out at the warehouse level, and reprints have been ordered. First prints are only available at the retail level. The book has been met with both harsh criticism and praise.

J. Michael Straczynski returns to Marvel Comics

Issue #1 of Captain America by J. Michael Straczynski released in September, marking his return to monthly periodicals at the publisher, pairing him with fan-favorite artist Jesús Saiz. Straczynski is best remembered for his seminal work on The Amazing Spider-Man and his run on Thor.

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