Mainstream News Nov 2023

By Piper Steed

Green Lantern “Compendiun”

An interesting image has been floating around X showing the word “Compendium” misspelled on the spines of DC’s Green Lantern: Kyle Rayner Rising Compendium. The mistake is reminiscent of the IDW fumble with The Best Of “Arpil” O’Neil back in 2021, which has since been corrected. One major difference, however, is the fact that no proof or information can be found about this particular mistake, save for a single image whose validity has, as of this writing, gone unconfirmed.

Tim Sheridan’s Marketing Strategy

Tim Sheridan’s run of Alan Scott: The Green Lantern recently hit shelves, and the writer has resorted to a marketing strategy of accusing comic book fans of being “phobes” if they don’t purchase his book. He started this campaign before the first book was released, so not many even knew the contents, which appear to center around Alan engaging in homosexual acts. In a video, and later on social media, he begs his fans to buy multiple copies of the book to “beat these a**holes,” before using a block bot to ensure no one could see the remarks firsthand. This did spawn a “blocked by Tim Sheridan” image posting trend on X, so maybe it’s working.

Dan DiDio Interview Backlash

Former DC publisher Dan DiDio has been receiving some backlash for agreeing to a livestreamed interview with Jon Del Arroz. While it mostly took the form of a few comic professionals denouncing the man, most notably Jamal Igle, it has also motivated Larry Hama and Mark Waid to accuse him of blacklisting. Hama’s revelation comes as a follow-up to his claim of being blacklisted by both DC and Marvel, while Waid responded with a list of names that were also allegedly blacklisted by DiDio, himself included.

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