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A long time ago, in a galaxy called YouTube, two idiots met: Chanty and Josh. Their friendship blazed as a terror of stupidity across live stream chats everywhere. Their humble beginnings were as “pod sluts,” hopping around separately from show to show, like horny bunnies as guests and co-hosts. Then, in July of 2022, a long-gestating concept of Chanty’s finally came to fruition as she began her own channel, Scarif After Dark, focused on the sexy side of nerdom.

Chanty asked Josh to join as her guest on the inaugural episode. After a slow start and another guest appearance from Josh, Chanty graciously anointed Josh to be her much-needed co-host—the Andy Richter to her Conan O’Brien, if you will.

Not long after being forced to be in each other’s company entirely too much, the two became one as they began a relationship. This ushered in a new era for the channel—a rebrand. Hencer, Pop My Culture blazed forth into the stratosphere of content creation. It became a place where fellow pop culture nerds could have their culture cherry popped as the hosts and their guests dive deep into the entertainment zeitgeist and discuss film, television, comics, music, and much, much more.

Don’t worry, though… they keep the sexy talk turned up to eleven as they are always striving to bring fun and laughter to their audience and remind them that nerds are sexy, too!

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