Featured Media Personality: Eddie Finocchiaro

“Uncle Eddie”

Ladies and Gentlemen allow me to Introduce myself… My Name is Eddie Finocchiaro aka ‘Uncle Eddie’, host  of  The  Ham Radio  Show which airs on HamRadioShow.com as well as Multiple Syndicated Radio Stations.

Some people know me as one of the “Uncrowned Kings of Reality Radio” or the many other countless monikers that I know as, but I’m so much more. I’m a True lover of Comics mainly the superhero genre. My favorite being Marvel Comics “Deadpool” but I have more of a Mount Olympus rather than a Mount Rushmore of the Spandex clad Superheros…

My most fondest memories were getting lost in the pages of the latest ongoing series of X-Men, Youngblood or Wild C.A.T.S… Hell I can still smell those pages the ink seeped through my fingertips and still flows through my veins with every beat of my heart… So much so, I have been trying to get into the Comicbook business for years first as an artist (I’m not to bad but not too good either… Hey, I’m no Jim Lee) and hopefully now as a Writer. On paper I have created a whole universe that one day I hope to see on those same pages that brought me joy as kid and hope that in a small way I can captivate and inspire the next group of artists or writers to create their own self contained Spandex clad universe that they can then unleash onto the world…

Let me end this long introduction this way: many people can say that the classic literature of our day is Dickens, Hemingway or Poe but to me the true Classics on my shelf are Lee, Claremont and Morrison. Now sit down and let the ink seep into your system and get lost between the pages of your next great adventure…


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