Featured Creator: Ryan Tyler Palmer

Ryan Tyler Palmer is a project manager at a talent agency specializing in freelance comic artists and writers. He has experience in tabletop gaming and is launching his company’s flagship title, Hayvard Saint’s 8, through Author Bomb Books. Palmer has secured private seed funding for the original comic series, despite having only 200 YouTube subscribers.

When asked about his goals for the series, Palmer said:

“I noticed many indie comics lack compelling stories—they’re all flash with no substance. I’m not trying to follow trends or be something I’m not. I’m telling the layered, metaphysical story I want to read but can’t find. My aim is to let readers experience the story unfolding organically, hinting at mysteries rather than over-explaining. I hope to strike a balance between literary depth and visual spectacle.”

Hayvard Saint’s 8 follows eight divinely chosen heroes fighting in an ancient spiritual war against existential threats as part of an elite unit.

The series boasts a creative team with over two centuries of combined publishing experience. Legendary illustrators like Dheeraj Verma (Transformers, Conan the Barbarian, Lady Death) and Bart Sears (DC Comics, Hasbro) lend their talents. The writer and creator, Ryan Tyler Palmer, works with veteran gamer and worldbuilder Ed Greenwood, the mind behind the Forgotten Realms Dungeons & Dragons setting.

Issue #1, “F.O.R. U.S.” is available now on Indiegogo. The completed sequel, “Catchwing a Monarch,” arrives in 2024, featuring the hero Mammoth Monk. Follow Palmer @ryantylerpalmer on social media for updates.

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