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I’m Christopher Curtis of Christyle Inc., the creator and writer of my flagship American manga series, JAZZ: Juggernauts Against Zealous Zealots! JAZZ is about friends combining their resources to find the answers behind a portal excursion in their city of Neo Haven that spawns otherworldly monsters and beings. Due to having a connection within the government that’s supposed to be figuring out this mystery, they believe their mayor and his new Portal Excursion Forces have something to do with these portals. Will JAZZ discover the hidden secret behind this mysterious event?

It’s an action/comedy book with brief nudity, violence, and an android who speaks in radio and TV segments. You can’t go wrong here; you should pick it up and read it!

Before I wrote JAZZ, I was a video game writer for a friend’s indie game company. When we stopped production on our RPG game, I kept the story I wrote for it in hopes we’d go back someday and complete it. Around that time, I got restless and decided I wanted to keep writing, as I had gotten used to the schedule I kept up when writing for our game. JAZZ is an abstract idea from our video game that has molded itself into its own identity! I’d like to write JAZZ as its own indie video game, but I’m fine if it stays a manga.

I chose to write a manga instead of an American-style comic because my writing style was akin to early 2000s media, which was heavily anime-inspired! I started with a Western style in mind, but over the writing process, I felt this was the way to go, and it’s been fun and engaging for the most part. I wish we had more people doing it! JAZZ has many hints of other established media, such as Cowboy Bebop, Fire Force, My Hero Academia, FLCL, and Undead Unluck! With those shows used as inspiration, I’m sure JAZZ will be the next big thing once we get the ball rolling!

JAZZ Chapters 0 and 1 are written by two different people, with Chapter 1 being written by my friend and manga artist Ash Kohari! She has a manga called 9mm Girls, and you should check that out as well!

In regards to future projects, we’re working on an exclusive online webcomic and a wrestling manga in 2024! If you aren’t following my Twitter to get the latest updates, you’ll miss out!

If you’d like to purchase JAZZ (digitally or physically) and I don’t have a Kickstarter readily available, you can check out my website’s store or my TikTok shop! I’m just starting, so I’ll do my best to ensure that everything is communicated correctly and that you get your products from my home to yours in as little time as possible!

Thanks for reading, and as always, JAZZ FOREVER!

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