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In 2010, my journey into the world of cosplay began as a closet cosplayer, fueled by a passion for my favorite brands like Disney, Marvel, and DC, and a strong desire to express my creativity. However, in the winter of 2012, my world turned upside down with the loss of my mother. My mother, a talented seamstress, had gifted me not only with the warmth of her love but also with the artistry of her craft. Little did I know, her legacy would become the guiding light in my unexpected journey into the world of cosplay.

Before 2012, I had been a casual admirer of cosplay, fascinated by the amazing cosplays I’d seen from CutiePie, AllieCat, and KieraPlease, to name a few. However, grief has a way of reshaping one’s perspective. Seeking an outlet for my emotions, I was stuck in my mom’s closet, full of clothes and memories. I looked over at the sewing tools that had once been my mother’s. The unknown passion for creation stirred within me, and I decided to embark on a journey that would intertwine the healing power of crafting with the magical realm of cosplay.

In the beginning, I was a closet cosplayer, meaning my cosplays were simple closet creations, piecing together costumes with items from my mother’s and my wardrobe. I dipped my toes into the cosplay community, attending conventions and meeting fellow cosplayers who shared my love for bringing fictional characters to life. Despite the modest beginnings, the sense of unity within the community inspired me to explore and expand my skills. I began experimenting with simple designs and rekindling my mother’s teachings. Each stitch felt like a connection to her, a way to keep her spirit alive. As I delved deeper, I discovered that the community was not just about dressing up as fictional characters but also a celebration of creativity, craftsmanship, and self-expression.

One unique aspect of my cosplay journey is the decision to embrace my natural hair in my creations. My mother had always encouraged me to celebrate my identity, so I began incorporating my own hair into my cosplays, adding a personal touch to each cosplay. One of the most empowering decisions I made on this journey was embracing my natural hair. This choice not only added that personal touch but also reinforced the idea that anyone can embody their favorite characters authentically, regardless of conventional beauty standards. This means a lot in a community that sometimes feels fixated on perfection.

As the years passed, my skills evolved, and my cosplay portfolio expanded. Each costume told a story, not just of a fictional character but of a journey from grief to resilience, from loss to self-discovery. Cosplay has become a vehicle for self-expression, a medium through which I can channel my creativity, celebrate individuality, and connect with like-minded individuals. The evolution of my skills, coupled with the friendships cultivated along the way, has turned my cosplay journey into a transformative experience.

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