Crowdfunding Campaigns Dec 2023

Be sure to check out our Winter Special 2023-24 Kickstarter which includes contributions from 20+ Publishers of Winter themed Pin-Ups. The left-over funds will go towards pushing Comics Illustrated to comic shops around the country! Banner artwork by Terry Parr.

Comics Illustrated Winter Special 2023-24

Women of Indie Comics featuring some of the top creators in the Indie community!

Florida Man Vs. Hogzilla

Creator: BIG Studios

Mike Baron’s Florida Man is back and he’s taking on the legendary wild pig – Hogzilla!

The Von Dingles Graphic Novel

Creator: Stoopid Buddy Stoodios

From the team behind ROBOT CHICKEN and CROSSING SWORDS comes the story of an egg with a dream…

Upcoming Campaigns

Here are the latest campaigns that were in pre-launch when we went launched this article. Make sure to check in and see their progress!

Luna Fox Blade #2 – A Brutal Action Comic

Creator: Fox Blade

Luna, the Kitsune fox goddess, has been freed, but before she can exact her revenge, she must contend with the Grim Reaper Blades. This intense action comic continues to explore Luna’s journey as she navigates through a world filled with danger and formidable foes.

Crimson Payne #1

Creator: Paul Thayer

Follow the speedster super-villain on his path to kill the superheroes of the new era and unleash his era of pain.

Keep an eye on these upcoming campaigns to see where the stories go next!

Closing Soon!

Here’s some you better back right away!

Worthy Chaos Redemption Hardcover Book 1 collection 7 issues

Creator: Corissa Grant

A fight for survival against destiny and the forces of the underworld. Think Buffy, Resident Evil, Good Omens & Supernatural.

Wild Oni #1

Creator: Michael J. Florio (Williams)

Wild Oni is a supernatural Japanese fantasy action adventure samurai epic: slaying demons, getting vengeance, and discovering balance.

Duty Calls Girls 2

Creator: Tuxedo Tiger Comics

What’s better than sexy women fighting zombies? Not much!

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