Sean Gordon Murphy’s Bait and Switch

By Piper Steed

Sean Gordon Murphy’s latest crowdfunded book, Zorro, Man of the Dead, has come under fire once more, this time for what some are calling a bait-and-switch plot. When initially pressed about the titular character not being the correct ethnicity for Zorro, Murphy elaborated that he was simply someone who thought he was Zorro. The Kickstarter campaign did hint at this point somewhat. However, what it didn’t hint at was that he wasn’t the main character at all. That honor goes instead to his lesbian sister, despite her not being featured or mentioned in any promotional material or on the Kickstarter itself. In a few images, she appeared as more of a background character compared to her Zorro-donned brother.

This information came out during an interview on the Comics by Perch YouTube channel, much to the surprise of those who believed they had backed a Zorro comic book. Many have expressed that they feel cheated, as the book was advertised with the Zorro name and imagery, yet the theme actually comes secondary in the book itself.

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