Saraya Disappointed With Booking In AEW

When Saraya came into AEW no one knew what to expect given her history of seemingly career ending injuries. The big question was, would she be able to wrestle?

Well, she did, but, understandably and thankfully she would adopt a style of ring work that was much safer than what you would normally see in AEW from the womens roster at the time.

Her first match was against Britt Baker and this would not be a all out slugfest the likes that Britt previously had with Thunder Rosa, it was a solid match that did what it needed to do, Saraya was here and on a path to winning the AEW women’s championship, and she did just that at ALL IN in Wembly.

And then she held that belt for 44 days…only to drop it to Hikaru Shida on TV who would then pass the belt to Toni Storm a mere 25 days later.

And that is it, end of fucking story. The outcasts were cool AF, but they broke up, Ruby got pregnant, Toni went fucking crazy and Saraya found a new friend in Harley Cameron. This brings us up to current times and Saraya’s recent issues with AEW.

After expressing her disappointment with her match with Mariah May seemingly being cancelled, it was quickly rescheduled for the next week. The match would also see Saraya come away with a victory. Perhaps this was a form of damage control after cryptic tweets that Saraya sent out the week before seemingly hinting at her departure from the company.

Currently the team of Saraya and Harley Cameron seem like they are going to be stuck as comedy relief but with this recent win on Dynamite perhaps another main event run will be in Saraya’s immediate future.

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