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Ed Piskor Suicide

Alternative comics cartoonist and co-host of the YouTube channel Cartoonist Kayfabe, Ed Piskor, was pronounced dead of apparent suicide on April 1st, at 41 years old. This came just a week after he was publicly accused of sexual misconduct, which resulted in his being dropped from art shows, contracts, and even his YouTube channel. On his Facebook, he posted a suicide note implicating several mainstream comic insiders, as well as his accusers, for his death. Whatever the truth is, our hearts are with his family.

C2E2 Cancellations

Comic creators Shane Davis, Jon Malin, and Ethan Van Sciver recently tweeted that Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, commonly referred to as C2E2, contacted them about a breach of contract. They claim this information was relayed to them eight months after their registration was approved, and only five weeks before the show. According to Shane Davis, C2E2 cited subletting and harassment as the reasons for the breach. However, none of this has been verified or substantiated, as no email from C2E2 has been produced at this time. The creators announced they are seeking legal action and will share more details when they can.

YouTube personality Anna “That Star Wars Girl” also claims that she suddenly had her press pass revoked after being approved months ahead of time, although no proof has been shown of this either.

There is a small segment of fans who seem outraged over this information. We will wait for further details to present themselves and will circle back to this issue as they become available.

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