Featured Creator: Larry Stroman

Artist Larry Stroman has built a lasting legacy in the comic book industry, distinguishing himself through dynamic visuals and gripping storytelling. His art career spans over three decades, with vast contributions both relevant and revered among readers and critics alike.

Born in Boston in 1961 and introduced to the industry after showing Howard Chaykin his work, Stroman’s first break into the comic world was at DC on World’s Finest. Later with Alien Legion at Marvel, Stroman’s stylistic versatility and storytelling aptitude set him apart. His visuals are a testament to his expertise in detailed world-building. However, it was his work on X-Factor that earned him the spotlight, providing a new approach to familiar and hardly-used characters with his unconventional panel designs, costume redesigns, and character depictions. His fan-favorite status has led to significant work including Ghost Rider, Wolverine, Double Dragon, the Uncanny X-Men, and a stint back at DC Comics co-creating Darkstars.

His career reached a landmark in 1993 when he co-created Tribe under Image Comics. As the highest-selling African American comic series ever, it spoke volumes about Stroman’s skills in the craft and the industry’s growing diversity.

The industry’s recognition of Stroman isn’t just about his compelling narratives or the breadth of his artistry. He has deftly proven his ability to carry significant plots, sketch invigorating action sequences, and breathe life into every character he draws. He is a sought-after cover and commission artist after over three decades in the craft. This impressive range has enabled his talents to extend beyond mainstream comics into advertising, film storyboarding, and conceptual designing.

Stroman continues to inspire the comic book industry and beyond, breaking barriers with his unique style and ceaseless creativity. Despite the myriad of changes in the industry, his work has remained consistently beloved, forever leaving a mark on comic art history. The exceptional story of Larry Stroman is that of a creative tour de force who took his readers on extraordinary journeys, etching his name as a living legend.

The Return of Tribe

After a three-decade hiatus, the groundbreaking comic book series Tribe is making a return. First published in 1993, Tribe was groundbreaking for its predominantly African American cast of superheroes, a rarity at the time. The series was written by Todd Johnson and penciled and inked by Stroman.

Set in the urban landscape of Brooklyn, New York, Tribe‘s ensemble included a variety of uniquely empowered individuals from varied backgrounds. Though it only had a short original run, Tribe has had a lasting impact on comic culture due to its imaginative storytelling and representation of diverse superheroes. The series set records for an independent comic book, selling more than a million copies of its first issue.

The announcement of Tribe‘s return has ignited a wave of excitement among both its original fan base and a new generation. Tribe, which already has a proven record of sales and creating compelling stories, could be perfectly timed. We wait to see what the team behind Tribe has in store for us with this long-awaited revival.

For more information, visit www.tribecomic.com.

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